Trustee Committee Update – February 1, 2013

I write today to update you on the work of the Trustee Committee on Church-Relatedness.

On January 31, the Trustee Committee on Church-Relatedness led the full Board in a thorough discussion of the committee’s extensive work on Davidson’s church-relatedness, including the religious requirement of the presidential requirements bylaw.

The conversation was candid, thoughtful and mutually respectful, and a wide range of views was expressed. The Board will continue to explore and examine this issue during our next meeting.

In the meantime, the committee has made available the summary of its survey of the Davidson community. As a reminder, that survey was fielded over the summer to alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff. This summary of the survey results is now available at

Thank you for all you do for Davidson.

Mackey McDonald ’68

Chair, Board of Trustees

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  1. Robert Crawford '55
    Robert Crawford '5502-07-2013

    Some history at Davidson. While I may not be able to pinpoint dates, the events can certainly be verified:

    • * Davidson College established as a Presbyterian institution of education
    • * Fraternities told that they must accept any and all who wanted to join or else leave, yet Davidson continued to do the opposite in not accepting just any student desiring to enroll in the school.
    • * Davidson, a formerly all-male school (except for a few local females who were allowed to attend as day students), opens its doors to full complements of females (roughly doubling the student body size) and under goes major construction program to accommodate the new female students.
    • * Non-Christians allowed to become members of the College’s Board of Trustees.
    • * College considers whether to drop requirement that its President be a Presbyterian.

    If this trend continues, what’s next?

    Yes, Davidson is truly LIBERAL arts school.

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