Board Forms Trustee Committee on Church-Relatedness

Board Forms Trustee Committee on Church-Relatedness

Over the course of Davidson College’s history, the Board of Trustees has periodically reviewed the college’s religious heritage, the college’s relationship¬†to¬†the Presbyterian Church, and the meaning that the college draws from that relationship. Most recently, questions about church-relatedness were important parts of the discussion during the 2010-11 presidential search. The Board of Trustees decided at that time to review this aspect of college life and committed to beginning that review during the first year after the installation of the new president.

The Board of Trustees has appointed the following trustees as members of a Trustee Committee on Church-Relatedness:

Richard Boyce Ernie Reigel
Ed Kizer William Rikard, Chair
Elizabeth Brooks Mailander Carole Weinstein
Mackey McDonald (Ex Officio) Ben Williams
Sara Tatum Pottenger Janet Wilson

The committee’s charge is to review the history of the college’s relationship with the Presbyterian Church and the Reformed Tradition, and establish a foundation from which the Board of Trustees can discuss the meaning and significance of the college’s church-relatedness. If appropriate, the committee may make recommendations to the Board of Trustees, and is further authorized to appoint an Advisory Committee of faculty, students, alumni, clergy, and other groups to assist it in its work.

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  1. Stew Brown '69
    Stew Brown '6909-11-2012

    Found a note from William Rikard in my email this morning. Had some time, followed the links, listened to the videos and want you guys to know I’m proud of you. I don’t have a lot of contact with Davidson anymore so it was especially touching for me to hear the echoes of beliefs that have been the guideposts of my life. I have been well served and can thank Davidson, at least in part, for having kept me on track throughout the years by laying down a foundation of truth and love. How quickly the years pass. Keep up the good work!

  2. Charles Taylor, M.D.
    Charles Taylor, M.D.09-12-2012

    Sounds like Davidson is following in the steps of so many of the “elite” colleges and universities in the US that have been founded by Christian denominations, e.g., Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Emory, Duke, et al, but over decades have marginalized their religious affiliation in the name of “diversity.” They have to make a choice – either the God of the Bible, the Judeo-Christian God is the only true God, or any god or no god will do. You can’t have it both ways, so to remain among the “elite” institutions, the choice is the latter. I have wondered how long it was going to take for Davidson to arrive at this point, and here we are. The God of the Bible is going to be declared equal with any other god that any faculty member or student espouses, and Davidson will have shed its Christian tradition except as a historical footnote. I don’t see that as progress, but it is necessary to be “elite.”

    • Lauchlin MacDonald '52
      Lauchlin MacDonald '5202-06-2013

      Well said!

    • Robert Crawford '55
      Robert Crawford '5502-09-2013

      I totally agree. Davidson continues to head in the wrong direction. My experience as a student at Davidson was great. Sorry that I cannot say the same regarding the experience since graduation.

  3. Joanna Best
    Joanna Best02-02-2013

    Maybe it is something like this:

    Vassar, Williams, Davidson

    Sewanee, Yeshiva, Davidson

    Which list fits better? Why? Which list assures a certain future? What does that future look like?

    It seems there is pressure to draw a line and align with one list or the other. I think it’s okay to be a sometimes Y on both lists, being uniquely Davidson, until such time that a deciding line must be drawn, and other than speculation on future presidential searches and hypotheticals about leadership, I can’t figure out from where that pressure is coming. I can sort of understand figuring out options when we’re not in the bunker, but it also feels a little like we’re trying to take a stand on how to handle a pregnancy when we’re not pregnant. If the heritage is honored (in its currently altered state — it has already changed a lot in the last 20 years from all trustees being necessarily Christian and the president an ordained Presbyterian minister) to simplify the options, then the conversation ends and we stay sometimes Y on both lists, uniquely Davidson. If it is altered, then we accept being placed on one list over the other and let the chips fall where they may.

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